The Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy supports an economy that utilizes cooperative and democratic organizational structures to support equitable systems for exchanging goods, services & products and stewardship of the commons for mutual benefit by all. We believe that democratic workplaces are the fundamental building blocks that power our work towards economic, social, and environmental justice and solidarity.


The ECWD exposes people to the concept of worker-owned businesses; strengthens existing worker-owned businesses; develops relationships between democratically-owned businesses, labor institutions, and resource organizations; and builds the movement for workplace democracy. It is held every two years in the Eastern United States.


Members of worker cooperatives; other democratic employee-owned businesses; labor, technical assistance, and community organizations; and scholars will gather for problem solving and movement-building discussions. Organizations and individuals interested in creating good, locally-owned, community-based jobs are especially encouraged to explore this promising strategy for economic and social development.

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