Coordinating Council

The Eastern Conference on Workplace Democracy (ECWD) is the premier gathering of worker cooperatives in the Eastern region.  The ECWD is governed by the Eastern Coordinating Council (ECC), a conference planning group operating under the nonprofit umbrella of the Ecological Democracy Institute of North America.  ECC voting members, alternates, and advisors work with the lead organizer(s) to plan the biennual Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy. 

Voting Members

Alternate Members

  • Amanda Rothschild
  • B. Anthony Holley
  • Christopher Johnson
  • Christopher Krezmein
  • Faith Seddon
  • Janelle Cornwell
  • Kenneth Shifflett
  • Sky Blue
  • Tyler Jenkins
  • Yeslie Maldonado
  • Yonchai Gal

Past Members & Advisors

  • Aaron Dawson
  • Ashley Hernandez
  • Adam Trott
  • Ajowa Ifateyo
  • Alex Jones
  • Andi Shively
  • Becca Koganer
  • Charles Strader
  • Colleen Gorman
  • Dan Bell
  • Ed Whitfield
  • Emma Yorra
  • Esther West
  • Frank Adams
  • Jessica Gordon-Nembhard
  • Jim Johnson
  • Joe Rinehart
  • Mary Hoyer
  • Neily Jennings
  • Sarah Assefa
  • Stephanie Guico
  • Ted DeBarbieri

The Eastern Coordinating Council holds elections at ECWD. We depend on a core group of dedicated volunteers to organize our biannual conferences! 

Candidates will make brief speeches during the ECWD business meeting at dinnertime on Saturday, and election results will be announced on Sunday morning.

Responsibilities of ECC members:

  • Monthly hour-long conference calls.
  • Participation in a committee in between calls (finance, outreach/communications, content, or HUB, which is a coordinating committee).
  • Providing input on overall vision, theme, and content.
  • Attending and volunteering at the Summer 2015 and 2017 conferences (we currently do not waive registration fees for ECC members, but they can apply for subsidized registration).
  • Most of the heavy lifting occurs in the year leading up to the conference.
  • We do hire organizing staff but a large amount of the work is shared by the volunteer members of the ECC.

If you would like to run or nominate a candidate please complete the following:

Name of ECC Nominee:
Co-op Affliation (if any):
Email address of ECC Nominee:
Phone number of ECC Nominee:

Please submit to Neily Jennings at neily.jennings[at]