Renewing the Alliance: Unions and Co-ops Fight for Worker Power in NY, Cincinnati, and Beyond

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Under fierce attack from the corporate sector, labor unions have been exploring, creating, and preserving sustainable worker owned, democratically managed businesses from large to small that are anchored in their communities. The 2009 agreement between the United Steelworkers and Mondragon resulted in a Union Co-op Model. The collaboration between Service Employees International Union and our nation’s largest worker co-op, Cooperative Home Care Associates, is setting standards for large, unionized worker co-ops. Other unions, including several in New York City and Cincinnati, are working on business start-ups and conversions. Presenters will share experiences in their unions of how cooperative enterprises have helped to save jobs, create jobs, build community and labor alliances, organize new members and expand unionization. Through panels, small group discussions and networking opportunities participants will explore how the coop business model can help to strengthen and expand our unions.

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