Friday Keynote: Worker Cooperatives and Resistance Movements: Building Power Together

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This year’s conference theme of “Resist and Transform” focuses on the potential for cooperatives to be a tool for both resistance in these volatile times as well as a building block for transforming our economy and society.  Moderated by Jessica Gordon-Nembhard who has researched the historical relationship between social movements and worker cooperatives, specifically in the African American community, the speakers on this panel will explore the relationship between resistance movements and worker cooperatives both historically and in our current times.  How do current movements see worker cooperatives as a solution to modern challenges?  How can the worker cooperative community begin to see ourselves as a powerful voice in American political movements? We will hear from activists and cooperators from the Movement for Black Lives who will explore how and why the movement incorporated worker cooperatives into their recently released their “Vision For Black Lives” policy platform, from those active in the struggle for immigrant justice, a struggle that has been at the forefront of the coop movement, and explore how to build stronger ties to the traditional Labor movement as well as learn lessons from their experience of creating a powerful force in American politics.  

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