Advancing the Development of Worker Cooperatives

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This session is about creating common ground around tools, methods, and approaches ​to grassroots economic organizing and worker co-op development in this new era. We will also dig into issues of race/class/gender/etc in replicating oppressive dynamics​; and move toward remedying this. See for more information on the Grassroots Economic Organizing Collective (GEO).


Train the trainer format, workshop on organizing solidarity economics in regressive times. Participants will design an ongoing, participatory framework for sharing effective grassroots economic strategies between people at the local level and between regional groups, to help people get their basic needs met through their own efforts, regardless of what happens with federal policy. Resources specialists will cover, worker co-ops, housing co-ops, immigration rights, co-ops in food deserts, anti-oppression, etc.


Plenary panel on remedying oppressive dynamics in the solidarity cooperatives movement. GEO will facilitate frank conversations about race, gender, class, movement self-critiquing, and how to avoid re-creating systems of oppression in our movement, or reproducing existing social hierarchies on the co-op space.


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