Event Category: Tour

Brooklyn has been a hotbed of new worker coops in the past 10 years. This exciting tour will explore a variety of coop projects in the works in Brooklyn. We will begin in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood at Interfaith Medical Center, where a coalition of workers and community partners helped save the hospital several years ago. Now they are working to make it an anchor institution for the development of worker owned cooperatives. Furthermore, they are working to create economic democracy zones in specific areas of Brooklyn and develop health enterprise zones.

See what NYC’s cooperative ecosystem looks like for yourself on this tour of the Bronx! We begin our visit with Green Worker Worker Cooperatives (GWC) to get a feel for their pioneering cooperative business boot camp, the Co-op Academy, while meeting some of their co-ops (doulas, skateboard designers, tech trainers & consultants, home/office cleaners, and […]