F4DC is matching donations!

Cooperators, we need your help. Can you contribute today to make ECWD accessible for all worker coop movement builders?

Conference accessibility is our greatest priority this year, and we have budgeted for generous scholarships for low income attendees, extensive Spanish language interpretation, childcare, and other considerations to make sure all cooperative movement builders can attend the conference.

But we may not have the funds we need to make the conference fully accessible.

The great news is that we do have a matching grant from the Fund for Democratic Communities (F4DC). Therefore, any donation you make today will have double the impact on conference accessibility:

A contribution of $30 allows for $60 towards live English to Spanish interpretation.
A contribution of $60 means $120 for conference scholarships – that’s an entire day’s registration covered by just $60!
A contribution of $75 pays for $150 of childcare services – that’s twice as many working parents who can work to transform their community and build a more just economy for their children!

Resist with us. Transform your community. Click here to build our movement with a contribution for accessibility.

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